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Huawei Ark OS

huawei ark os

Huawei Ark OS
Huawei had confirmed quite recently that it is working on its own operating system as an alternative to Android and thanks to several trademarks that Huawei submitted we may know the name of that operating system.
The company has trademarked three names with EUIPO that includes HUAWEI ARK OS, HUAWEI ARK, ARK, and ARK OS. All of these trademarks were filed on May 24, so not so many days ago.
These trademarks do not confirm that this is Huawei’s upcoming alternative to Android but considering that the company confirmed that it is working on that OS and that its development had to be accelerated due to recent US and Google-related issues. Chances are that the OS will be called “Ark OS”.
Huawei actually confirmed way back in November that it is developing an Android alternative though back then the news was not as important as it is now. If you have not been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks you know that the US basically banned Huawei from doing business with US companies. Which prompted Google to cut ties with the company as well.
When the company said it developed its own operating system in case of any circumstances that it can face from the US. The possible name was ( a Chinese name, which could be different for the global users ) Huawei OS – “Hongmeng“.
Following all that, a number of other companies cancelled on Huawei. Creating a huge issue for one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Based on the latest numbers Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Samsung and the company was aiming to trump Samsung next year but this prohibition will affect those plans quite a bit.
According to recent reports Huawei’s sales dropped following recent US-related issues. Huawei’s smartphones are based on Android, and even though Huawei was granted a three-month grace period to keep its license. That won’t mean much for the company if it doesn’t manage to turn things around.
Huawei’s CEO said that the company is ready for the change and ensured its users that everything will be okay but there are a ton of obstacles for the company if the situation doesn’t get ironed out. Switching to a completely new OS is one thing but Huawei is now having issues on the hardware side as well.
Many of its components either come from US companies or are provided by companies that have direct ties to those US companies. As various patents are into play which may render Huawei illegible to use those parts. Its Kirin chips may be affected by the whole situation as well.
Now, this may be only a political maneuver initialized by the US President Donald Trump. As he did say recently that Huawei may be included in the US-China trade deal. If that ends up happening all of Huawei’s issues may be resolved but the longer this period lasts the more damage will be done to the company. It would be a real hit for the tech community to see Huawei fall down the ladder. As it would have a considerable impact on competition and basically leave the vast majority of the market for Samsung and Apple to control.
Huawei’s first-ever self-developed operating system will soon be launched this fall.
As a Chinese tech giant Huawei will find its way around this. We all just hope that Huawei’s OS will be stable and will come with wide range of app support and doesn’t end up like Fire phone, Windows phone or other OS that came in the market but couldn’t fill the market demands. These days new OS just come and go, Time will tell if Huawei can make a permanent mark.

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